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Forex Market Commentary

Read our expert weekly forex market commentary posted at this top currency payments website.
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Forex Trading Resources

Lots of helpful community resources for Forex traders, including our expert forex market forecasts and recaps.
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Forex News

Expertly written forex news, articles and market commentary, including many contributed by us.
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Forex Education

Visit this highly educational website that the FXperts wrote a comprehensive forex guide for.
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Forex Dealing

Execute foreign exchange transactions via this highly recommended forex broker that supports MetaTrader.
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Finance Guide

Browse this extensive financial guide website, which publishes weekly Stock of the Day articles contributed by TheFXperts.
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Our Products

Products and Services Offered by The FXperts

Our extensive forex, options and futures trading, hedging, analysis and advisory experience - combined with our extensive use of the latest Internet-based communication technology - allows us to offer a cost efficient solution to your forex needs.

Expert Forex Writing Services

Ask the FXperts to make you and your brand look good by writing top quality web content, articles, reports and e-books for you on forex, options and futures related topics in either Native English or Spanish.

We have written literally thousands of published articles on foreign exchange and finanical markets. Others are getting experts to write for them, so why shouldn't you? Our per word rates are very affordable, and we can handle writing a substantial volume of informational articles each week. Contact us today to get a firm quote and delivery estimate.

Fund Management

If you would enjoy having your money work for you, rather than having to work for your money, you can provide us with funds to manage privately for you. Your confidentiality is assured, and only a $100,000 initial deposit is required to get started with your very own privately managed fund.

Our fund management process involves making prudent transactions in the forex and currency options market according to our tried and tested trading plan. Although returns cannot be guaranteed, our track record demonstrates that our trading system that has worked very well in the past, and we can trade it for you using your risk capital for a modest management fee of only 25 percent of any profits earned.

Since we make money only if you make money, you can be assured that we will do our best to assure optimal returns on your invested funds.

Corporate Forex Hedging Solutions

Most corporations specialize in a particular product line where they draw upon their considerable expertise to profit.

If your company's product does not happen to be foreign exchange, then The FXPerts can help you manage your foreign currency exposures and get the best quotes just like the pros. Using modern video conferencing technology, we can zoom right into your office whenever you need help to discuss how to best handle your currency risks,and propose various hedging solutions that suit your risk tolerance.

We can even help you develop an educated market view that can help turn your firm's Treasury into a profit center!

Contact The FXPerts today for more information about our corporate forex hedging solutions.

Forex Trader Education and Mentoring

Many novice traders benefit greatly from speaking to real professional traders who have developed the most profitable trading habits and can help mentor them to do the same. Available via phone, e-mail, live chat or video conference, The FXPerts can help you identify your strong points as a trader, review your trading psychology, and then suggest trading strategeis custom designed for your personal temperament and risk tolerance that can be incorporated into your trading plan.

Developing good trading habits and a suitable trading plan for your temperament and goals can make your trading business a real winner. Contact The FXPerts for a free consultation to see how we can help educate and mentor you into becoming the trader you really want to be.

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The FXPerts are a team of finance professionals with a combined 25 years of hands on experience in forex, options and futures market trading. We have personally traded forex and currency options for major international banks and currency futures and options on the floor of Chicago's Mercantile Exchange.

Although we have retired from trading for financial institutions, we continue to trade forex for our own accounts and to manage funds for private investors. We also write expert forex market commentary, analysis and educational articles.

In addition, we offer a consulting service to corporations and fund managers where we provide independent expert advice on how to hedge foreign exchange exposures and trade currencies successfully and efficiently.

Contact the FXperts today to find out how we can help you trade forex like the pros and save money on your forex transactions at the same time.

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