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Forex Market Commentary

Read our expert weekly forex market commentary posted at this top currency payments website.
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Forex Trading Resources

Lots of helpful community resources for Forex traders, including our expert forex market forecasts and recaps.
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Forex News

Expertly written forex news, articles and market commentary, including many contributed by us.
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Forex Education

Visit this highly educational website that the FXperts wrote a comprehensive forex guide for.
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Forex Dealing

Execute foreign exchange transactions via this highly recommended forex broker that supports MetaTrader.
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Finance Guide

Browse this extensive financial guide website, which publishes weekly Stock of the Day articles contributed by TheFXperts.
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Writing Samples

Samples of Published Material Written by The FXperts

Links to some of the many published books and articles written by The FXperts appear below:

Financial Books by The FXperts Published by Jellyhawk Financial Press

Follow the links below to look inside and purchase any of The FXperts' books at

Forex Trading - A Beginner's Guide

Stock Trading - A Beginner's Guide

Commodity Trading - A Beginner's Guide

Technical Analysis for Financial Markets Traders

Fundamental Analysis for Financial Markets Traders

Great Money Saving Tips: Practical Ideas From Professional Money Managers

Forex Blog

The FXperts' Blog

The FXperts publish this Wordpress blog you can subscribe to that includes timely and informational articles, as well as popular weekly fundamental and technical recap and outlook reports for the forex market that you can even arrange to publish on your own website. Contact us for further information.

Forex Market News and Commentary

Weekly News Report

The FXperts wrote this fundamental and technical forex market commentary on a weekly basis that had a large e-mail circulation of almost 20,000 forex market participants for over eight years. This very detailed and professional market commentary report was also regularly published at

Forex Education

Forex Money Management Tips

The FXperts have written many forex courses, including a comprehensive forex guide for this website of which this informative article provides a sample.

Forex Broker Reviews

AvaTrade Broker Review

The FXperts wrote an extensive set of forex broker reviews for this well-ranked forex information website.

Financial Market News

Stock of the Day Article

The FXperts wrote daily stock analysis reports like the one linked to above, as well as market commentary, informational articles and term definitions for this popular financial news website.

Article Titles Written by The FXperts

You can get a good sense of some of the interesting and relevant topics The FXPerts have written on over the years from the following list of article titles, which is by no means exhaustive:

Forex Related Articles The FXPerts Have Written

A Bank Traders Perspective on Forex Trading

A Brief Forex Trading History

A Forex Fraud Case Study

A Forex Fundamental Analysis Tutorial

A Forex Technical Analysis Tutorial

A MetaTrader Tutorial for Back-Testing Forex Trading Systems

A MetaTrader Tutorial for Beginners

A MetaTrader Tutorial

A Review of MetaTrader Server Options

About Currency Pips and Lot Sizes

About Fraud at Seminars

Acceleration-Deceleration AC

Accumulation-Distribution AD

Advantages of Forex Chart Analysis

Advantages of Having a Trading Journal

Advantages of the Unregulated Forex Market

Advantages of Trading Forex


An Introduction to Elliott Wave Theory

Analyzing Multiple Time Frames

Applying Elliott Wave Theory

Applying the International Fisher Effect to Currency Valuation

Assessing Risk-Reward Ratios for Your Forex Trading Business

Assessing the Risk-Reward Ratio When Trading Forex

Auto Forex Trading Software

Automated Forex Trading Software

Automated Trading - An Introduction

Automated Trading - MetaTrader and Automated Trading

Automated Trading - Pros and Cons

Automating Your Forex Trading

AvaFX Review

Average Directional Index ADX

Average TRUE Range

Avoiding Currency Trading Pitfalls

Avoiding Forex Broker Problems

Avoiding Forex Trading Discipline Breakdowns

Avoiding Forex Trading Pitfalls

Avoiding Problems with Forex Brokers

Awesome Oscillator

Back Testing Considerations

Basic Forex Price Considerations

Basic Money Management Principles

Basic Technical Analysis Trading Manuals

Benefits of High Forex Market Liquidity

Best Forex Trading Software

BOJ Intervention is Unlikely to Reverse Yen Strength

bollinger bands for eurusd daily.gif

Bollinger Bands

Business Risk for Currency Traders

Business Risk Versus Trading Risk

Buying a Forex System

Candlestick Charts

Capacity Utilization Rate

Carry Trade

Choosing a Currency Trading Broker

Choosing a MetaTrader Server

Choosing a Suitable Forex Broker

Classic Chart Patterns

CMS Forex Review

Commodity Channel Index

Common Currency Pairs and Quotation Conventions

Common Forex Trading Myths

Common Forex Trading Risks

Common Internet Investment Frauds

Common Myths About Forex Trading

Common Nicknames for the Dollar Currencies

Computing Swap Points

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Price Index

Costly Trading Mistakes

Cross Rate Trading Strategies

Cross Rates and Cross Currency Pairs

Currencies and Gold

Currencies and the Average Person

Currencies Traded in the Forex Market

Currency Correlation

Currency Day Trading

Currency Futures - SEO

Currency option volatility article

Currency Options Explained

Currency Options for Forex Traders and Hedgers

Currency Pricing - Quotes, Spreads, Pips, the Bid

Currency Trading Accounts

Currency Trading Market Participants

Currency Trading Tips

Currency Valuation Basics

Currency Valuation Factors

Currency Valuation Using Purchasing Power Parity

Current EUR-USD News

Cut Your Losses Short but Let Your Profits

Day Trading the Forex Market

Dealing Spreads Provide Incentives

Designing Forex Trading Plans and Rules

Desirable Forex Trading Platform Features

Determining Support and Resistance

Devaluations and Revaluations

Developing a Trade Plan Using Forex Signals

Difference From Paper Trading to Live Trading

Different Types of Forex Brokers

Different Types of Forex Systems

Digital Gold Currencies


Diversifying Your Portfolio with Foreign Currencies

Do Forex Robots Actually Work

Downloading Forex Software

Drawing Trend Lines

Driving Forces

Early Forex Trading History

Easiest Trading Software Platform for Forex and E-mini

EasyForex Review

Economic News That Affects Currencies

Efficient Forex Trading Risk Management

Elliott Wave Theory

Emotions Can Seriously Affect Your Currency Trading

Emotions Commonly Felt When Trading Forex

Entering Currency Orders


Essential Forex Chart Types

Essential Forex Trading Terminology

eToro Online Forex Broker Review

eToro Review

Evaluating Automatic Forex Trading Systems

Evaluating FX Trading Software Options

Exchanges and Other Ways of Trading Forex

Existing Home Sales Data

Exotic Forex Options

Fabulous Fabrice Tourre - the Accused in Goldmans Recent Fraud Case

FAP Turbo is by far the Most Popular Automated Forex Trading System

FAP Turbo

FAPWinner - new

FAQ - Finding the best forex broker

FAQ - Finding the best forex demo account

FAQ - Finding the best forex trading software

Fed Beige Book

Fiat Currencies - A House of Cards Waiting

Fibonacci Retracements and Projections

Fibonacci Retracements

Finding a Profitable Forex System

Finexo Review

Five Top Considerations When Shopping to Buy Forex

Five Top Forex Trading Tips

Fixed and Floating Exchange Rate Systems

Floating Exchange Rates Increase Currency Speculation

Force Index

Forex Ambush - new

Forex Ambush 2

Forex and Gold

Forex Automoney - new

Forex AutoMoney

Forex Broker Commissions

Forex Broker Fraud Prevention Tips

Forex Broker Lots

Forex Brokers-Financial Instruments Besides Forex Offered by Most

Forex Brokers-Lots

Forex Brokers-NDD ECN STP etc

Forex Brokers-Platforms

Forex Brokers-Regulation

Forex Candlestick Charts

Forex Carry Trade Strategies

Forex Carry Trades

Forex Charting Software

Forex Charting

Forex Charts - Candlestick Charts Versus Other Chart

Forex Compound Interest Effects

Forex Currency Code, Quotation and Naming Conventions

Forex Currency Pairs - Majors, Minors and Crosses

Forex Currency Trading for Beginners

Forex Day Trading

Forex Derivatives

Forex Expert Advisors

Forex Fraud

Forex Fundamental Analysis

Forex Funnel

Forex Indicators - Bollinger Bands

Forex Indicators - MACD

Forex Indicators and How to Use Them

Forex Killer

Forex Macro

Forex Margin and Leverage

Forex Market - SEO

Forex Market Information Access

Forex Market Participants

Forex Market Regulatory Agencies

Forex Megadroid - new

Forex Megadroid - new2

Forex Megadroid

Forex News Trading Systems and Time Zone Considerations

Forex Online - SEO

Forex Online Trading System Evaluation

Forex Platform - SEO

Forex Position Sizing Strategies

Forex Rates and Interest Rate Differentials

Forex Robots Online

Forex robots

Forex Rollover Considerations

Forex Signal Trading

Forex Signals

Forex Software - SEO

Forex Software Download Choices

Forex Software Download Tips

Forex Spread Betting

Forex Strategy - Diversifying Your Forex Trading

Forex Strategy - Forex Swaps

Forex Strategy - To Rollover or Not and

Forex Strategy - Trading Forex Futures Versus Spot

Forex Strategy - Trading the Minors

Forex Strategy-Avoid Pitfalls Using Leverage in Forex Trading

Forex Strategy-How to Properly Use Stop-loss Orders

Forex Strategy-Issues Related to Margin in Forex Trading

Forex Strategy-Trading Economic Data and News Releases

Forex Strategy-Using a Trailing Stop in Forex Trading

Forex Strategy-What is Forex Scalping

Forex Swing Trading

Forex Technical Analysis Trading Tools

Forex Technical Analysis

Forex Tracer

Forex Traders - Knowing When and How to

Forex Traders - The Importance of a Trading

Forex Traders - The Psychology of Trading

Forex Traders - Top Five Most Common Mistakes

Forex Trading For Success

Forex Trading Platform Basics

Forex Trading Risks to Avoid

Forex Trading Robot Software

Forex Trading Sessions

forex trading signal software

Forex Trading Signals

forex trading software with automated buy sell signals

forex trading software

Forex Trading Strategies

forex trading strategy software

forex trading system software

Forex Trading Times

Forex Trading Tips

Forex Trading Versus Gambling

Forex Trading Words of Wisdom

Forex Trading-Indicators - Elliott Wave

Forex Trading-Indicators - Fibonacci Retracements and Projections

Forex Trading-Indicators - Stochastics

Forex Trading-Indicators - The Relative Strength Index

Forex - The World's Largest Capital Market

ForexClub Review - Technical Analysis on the Theory of

ForexYard Review

Foundations of Forex Technical Analysis


Front Running Forex Orders

Fundamental Analysis Issues

Fundamental Forex Factors

Fundamental Forex Rate Forecasting

Fundamentals of Currency Evaluation

FX Course

FX Trading Software Options

Generating Currency Trading Signals

Generating Forex Trading Signals

Getting Involved in Day Trading

Getting Started Trading Currencies

GFC Markets Review

Good Forex Trading Technique Involves Taking Losses

Gross Domestic Product

Having a Stop Loss Rule Could Save Your

Housing Market

How a Trade Plan Can Compliment Your Forex

How Automatic Forex Robots Work

How Brokers Profit From Orders

How Currencies Trade

How Gold Affects the Forex Market

How Inflation Affects Currencies

How Interest Rate Changes Affect the Forex Market

How Professional Forex Market-Makers Quote Counterparties

How Professional Strategic Forex Traders Operate

How the Balance of Payments Model is Used

How the Price of Oil Affects the Forex

How to Choose a Good Forex Broker

How to Start Trading Today With a Quick

How to Trade Forex Currency Dealing Styles

How Todays Forex Markets Developed


Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

Identifying and Trading Ranges

Identifying and Trading Trends

Identifying Forex Trends

Identifying Point and Figure Chart Patterns

Indicators - Lagging, Leading, Momentum and Trend Identification

Industrial Production

Infrastructure and Compliance Issues for FCMs and FDMs

Interest Rate Differentials and Purchasing Power Parity

Internet Investment Fraud

Introduction to Currency Trading

Introduction to Japanese Candlestick Charts

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Invest in Forex - SEO

Is Automated Forex Software Overpriced

Is Forex Trading Easy?

Issues With Forex Fundamental Analysis

IvyBot Review

Jobless Claims

Key Considerations When Choosing a Forex Broker

Key Economic Data Releases Explained

Key Elements of a Forex Training Program

Key Forex Fundamental Factors

Key Forex Trading Course Elements

Key Fundamental Information for Forex Traders

Key Risk Management Principles for Forex Trading

Key Tips For Forex Trading Success

Learn from Other Traders Experiences

Learning From Other Traders

Learning to Trade Forex

Less can be More When Trading Forex

Leverage and Its Risks - Current News

LMT Forex Formula

Looking at Multiple Times Frames


Major Players in the Forex Interbank Market

Majors Minors and Exotic Currencies

Making a Currency Trade

Making a Trading Business Plan

Making Automoney Using Forex Rollovers

Manage Your Forex Trading Like a Business

Manage Your Trading Like a Business

Managed Forex Trading Account Considerations

Managing Emotions When Trading Currencies

Managing Trading Psychology and Risk Using a Trade

Managing Trading Risk With Stop Orders

Market Facilitation Index

Market Growth Factors

Market Making and Scalping Strategies

MGForex Review

Modern European Exchange Rate Systems

Modern Forex History

Money and Risk Management Considerations

Money Management Errors Currency Traders Often Make

Money Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Moving Average Convergence

Moving Averages

New - China Increases Flexibility of Exchange Rate

Nominal Versus Real Exchange Rates

Non-Farm Payroll Data

Non-Farm Payrolls

Offshore Banking Fraud - correct version

Offshore Banking Fraud

On Balance Volume

Options Trading Indicators

Overlapping Forex Trading Sessions

Paper Trading Forex Using Practice or Demo Accounts

Parabolic SAR

Paulson and Cos Contribution to the Goldman Fraud

Pending NFA and CFTC Registration Legislation

Personal Consumption Expenditure

Pivot Point Trading

Pivot Points

Planning Your Trades and Trading Your Plan

Popular European Currency Nicknames

Popular Forex Chart Types

Popular Styles of Forex Trading

Popular Technical Indicators

Popular Techniques Involving Position Sizing

Position Sizing Using the Risk Reward Ratio

Practice Versus Actual Forex Trading

Preventing Internet Investment Fraud

Preventing Online Offshore Banking Fraud-1

Preventing Online Offshore Banking Fraud-correct version

Preventing Online Offshore Banking Fraud

Price Charting Technical Analysis Literature

Producer Price Index

Pros and Cons of Forex Robots Requiring Membership

Purchasing Managers Index - What are the Various Audience Segments

Questionable Forex Broker Practices Explained

Range and Trend Trading Strategies

Range Trading the Forex Market

Range Versus Trend Trading Strategies

Reading Candlestick Charts

Reading Point and Figure Charts

Real Time Forex - SEO

Recommended Forex Trading Literature

Regular and Hidden Divergence in Technical Indicators

Relative Strength Index

Relative Vigor Index

Reserve Currencies

Retail Sales Reports

Retail Sales

Rollover Fees

Scalping and Market-making Forex Rates

Scenarios for the Deutschemarks Return

Selecting a Good Forex Trading Platform

Seminal Technical Analysis Literature

Signing Up For a Demo Currency Trading Account

Spot Market Versus Currency Futures Trading

Starting Forex Trading Guide

Starting Out Trading Forex

Stochastic Oscillator


Stock Fraud

Stop Loss Rules

Successful Forex Traders Follow Their Plan

Successful Traders Follow Their Plan

Support Resistance and Trend Lines

Swing Trading in Currencies

Taking Advantage of Demo Forex Trading Accounts

Taking Out Stops in the Forex Market

Taking Profits When Trading

Technical Analysis Software

Technical Versus Fundamental Analysis

Testing Trade Plans Using Demo Accounts

The Basics of Forex Swaps

The Bearish Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Bearish Kicking Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Bearish Three Inside Down Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Best and Worst Times to Trade Forex

The Best MetaTrader Servers

The Best Types of Forex Analysis

The Bullish Kicking Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Bullish Piercing Line Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Bullish Three Inside Up Candlestick Chart Pattern

The Carry Trade and Its Risks

The Dollars Supremacy as a Reserve Currency Threatened

The Effect of Key Commodity Prices on Forex

The Effective Use of Technical Indicators

The Effects of Purchasing Power Parity on Exchange

The Essence of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

The Euro and Currency Consolidation

The Euro's Rising Influence

The Generality of Charting Techniques

The Impact of Inflation Measures on the Forex

The Importance of Forex Trading Times

The Importance of Having a Forex Trading Plan

The Importance of Position Sizing to Trading Risk

The Importance of Psychology to Currency Traders

The Low Cost of Getting Started Trading Forex

The Many Advantages of Using Forex Charts

The Merrill Lynch Collateralized Debt Security Fraud Case

The MetaTrader 4 Forex Trading Platform

The Most Profitable Forex System Trading Robots

The Power of Compound Interest When Trading Forex

The Professional Interbank Forex Market

The Relationship Between Gold and Currencies

The Right Trading Mindset

The Strategic Importance of the U.S. Dollar

The Successful Currency Trading Mindset

The Three Rs Among Forex Brokers

The Top Ten Mistakes Novices Make When Selecting a Forex Broker

The Top Ten Mistakes Novices Make When Selecting a Forex Trade

The Top Ten Reasons to Buy Forex System

The Trading Business Plan and Risk Analysis

The US Trade Balance

The Use of Interest Rate Parity in Currency


The Most Powerful Forex Trading Software

Top Forex Trading Tips

Top Money Management Tips

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Forex System Software

Trade Balance

Trader Personality Types - ours

Trader Personality Types

Trading a Demo Account versus Live Trading

Trading and the E-word

Trading Currencies - SEO

Trading Different Time Periods

Trading Emotion 1 - Fear

Trading Emotion 2 - Greed

Trading Forex - SEO

Trading Forex and the Psychology of Winning

Trading Forex Trends and Ranges

Trading Forex Versus Stocks

Trading Gold on Forex Platforms

Trading is an Education Process

Trading Market Classifications

Trading Plans Contribute to Success

Trading Psychology and Benefits of Trading With a

Trading Psychology and Common Emotions

Trading Psychology

Trading Risk Management

Trading Risks and Business Plans

Trading Trends in Forex

Trading Using Technical Indicators

Trend Trading Time Frames

Trying Out a New Forex Broker

Types of Forex Trading Software

Types of FX Trading Software

Types of Investment Fraud

UFX Bank Review

Understanding Forex Charts

Understanding Forex Forward Transactions

Understanding Forex Spot Transactions

Unusual Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Use a Trading Journal

Use Caution With Managed Forex Accounts

Useful Chart Patterns

Useful Forex Trading Maxims on Money Management

Useful Forex Trading Maxims on Trading Strategy

Useful Software for Technical Traders

Using a Forex Expert Advisor With MetaTrader Software

Using a Virtual Private Server for Your Forex

Using Fundamental Analysis in Currency Trading

Using Fundamental Analysis to Measure Market Sentiment

Using Fundamental Analysis to Trade Forex

Using Leverage and Trading on Margin

Using Margin and Leverage Wisely in Your Forex

Using Market Sentiment Indicators

Using MetaTrader on Linux

Using Moving Averages to Trade Forex

Using Point and Figure Charts

Using Risk Reward Ratios When Trading Forex

Using Technical Analysis to Trade Currencies

Using Technical Analysis to Trade Forex

Using Technical Indicators Effectively

Using Technical Indicators to Enhance Trading Profitability

Using Technical Indicators to Generate Forex Trading Signals

Using Technical Indicators to Trade Profitably

Using the Asset Market Model in Forex Trading

Using the Top Ten MetaTrader Indicator Options

Volatility in the Forex Market

What are Forex Brokers

What Happens When You Make a Trade

What is a Forex Robot

What is a MetaTrader Indicator

What is GDP

What is the MetraTrader System

What Makes a Profitable Forex Trading System

What Makes Money Management Essential for Currency Traders

What to Look For in a Forex Broker

When and Where Forex is Traded

When I first heard about the forex market

Whether to Backtest Demo Test or Live Test

Who Trades Forex

Why Automated Forex Software is the Latest Forex

Why Automatic Forex Software Makes Forex Trading Easy

Why Currencies Trade Against the Dollar

Why Do People Break Their Trading Rules

Why Every Forex Trading Advisory Recommends Using Risk

Why Fear is the Main Emotion Experienced by Forex Traders

Why Forex Market Intervention Usually Does Not Work

Why Goldman Sachs May Get Off Lightly on

Why Have a Forex Trading Plan

Why Live and Demo Forex Trading Show Differences

Why MetaTrader is the Best Trading Software for

Why Money Management is Essential When Trading Forex

Why Open a Micro Forex Broker Account First

Why Technical Analysis Works

Why the Future of Foreign Exchange Trading Lies

Why Traders Lose Discipline

Why Trading with Rules Makes Sense

Williams Percent Range

Words of Warning for Forex Traders

Trading Words of Wisdom

You Must Have Clear Trading Rules

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